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The Curse of the Fallen Series

The Untamed Series

From the outside,

my life was picture perfect.
On the inside, something sinister lurked.
I thought he was sick.

I thought I could fix him.
All I wanted was for him to love me.

I was used and abused.

Sold to the highest bidder.
Unloved. Unseen. Unheard.

Until Declan.
He was my saviour.

He helped me believe in

the power of unconditional love.
Then, he was gone.

When love is lost, and there’s no hope left, how do you go on?

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My Name is Tryst

On the outside, I am perfect.

On the inside, something sinister lurks.

I am sick and I cannot be cured.


I use them, abuse them, then sell them to the highest bidder.


Everything I have, I fought for, especially my sister.

She’s my drug, my obsession, my reason for revenge.

But there’s Glen. He’s mine. My addiction, my sanity, my destruction. His touch calms the monster that lurks beneath my skin. If I continue on this path, I could lose him, and I refuse to let that happen.


In my world, some people find hope.

Some find hell.

And some… find me.


**This novel contains highly detailed, fictional accounts of the horrendous effects s*x trafficking has on children. If this theme makes you uncomfortable, please reconsider reading this book.


** My Name is Tryst is a spin off from the novel Love Lost Her Way but can be read as a complete stand alone. This M/M novel is not a romance. *If you have triggers it is STRONGLY advised you use the 'look inside' feature before purchasing this eBook*



co-written with Ashley Lane
a short story originally published in the

I heard it in a Love Song Anthology


We are tethered by something more than friendship.
When I drift, he comes for me.
I can’t imagine life without him.
If I am the wave, he is the shore.
How do I let him go?

We weathered the darkest storm together.
He says I’m his anchor.
He is my strength, and my weakness.
How am I supposed to leave him behind?


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